French native Sales Executive (B2B - SaaS)

Job description

Hi there, nice to meet you

You are probably as flustered as most of us (non-scientists) were when you read about rheology and our technology RheoCube. Rest assured, you’ll get the hang of it in no time when you’re selling this unique technology (really; a bottle of champagne if you can find a competitor on this planet) to the largest corporations in the world. We are on a path to further growth and success and we’re looking for a Sales Executive who can join our growing sales team. You’ll be handed the latest Sales Engagement and CRM software tools available to get the job done. Also, you’ll be working closely with some crazy-ass smart people. Are you intrigued? Continue reading, there is more.

A bit about our company

Electric Ant Lab (EAL) was founded in 2015 by dr. Eric Lorenz coming out of a post-doc role in Computational Physics at the University of Amsterdam. Yes, that’s a lot of impressive words. Well, he created a truly unique technology that allows non-experts in the fluid simulation domain to harness the power of both meso-scale simulations (the stuff that happens on a lab-scale) and high-performance computing. Fast forward to 2021: We’re now already serving over a dozen of leading companies (e.g. Henkel, Johnson&Johnson, Colgate-Palmolive) in the US and EU market, who see this technology as an essential part of the future of their R&D processes. We have been backed by two professional VC companies (Holland Capital and JOIN Capital) since the beginning of 2021 and have been growing our team ever since. Our product has reached a maturity stage in which we are further optimizing our sales process and creating the YoY growth targets you typically read about. Visit our website if you want to learn more about us, our company culture and the extremely complex science and technology that we’re building. You can probably label us as “deep tech” but in the end we’re offering a traditional SaaS model, meaning that you will be selling software.

What is in it for you, and what do we expect?

We thrive ourselves on being a group of independent thinking professionals, each in their own domain or field of expertise. We rely on self-sufficient, autonomous professionals who work well in an international team environment. Of course you’ll join a professional organization that has all the perks, tools, and processes in place to guide you through the first months of your onboarding. In the end you bring expertise about selling software to large corporations.

Your day to day activities might include going from one mature sales opportunity meeting to an early stage introductory call. You’ll get qualified leads from our SDRs and/or marketing team, after they have done another research iteration on that promising lead. You are working closely with our Scientific Consultants, and for most meetings you pair up with them.

Once you’ve closed the deal, you will hand over the account to an Account Manager. Of course there’s for positively critical internal discussions, a team lunch break or just a Wednesday afternoon drink because we feel like it. 

We don’t believe people magically are their best professional selves between the hours of 9 and 5. That goes both ways; work needs to get done and we expect everyone to pull their weight. Besides the fact that you will receive a competitive salary, we also want you to be able to play the guitar, go to that horrible bootcamp at 4 pm and pick up your kids in time from daycare.

Getting on-board in your new team

As a scale-up you learn and iterate continuously, just like we did with our onboarding program. It’s a 30-60-90 days program that helps you to get acquainted with your team members, other teams and of course all the tooling and way of work. During the onboarding program you’ll team up with an onboarding buddy, which is a colleague from a different team in Electric Ant Lab. We understand that our product is complex and that you’ll need time and input from others to understand it completely. Plus, working together is more fun.

About the application process

  • We don’t require a hand-written motivation letter, we assume you have an intrinsic interest to proceed with this. We are looking forward to hearing it from you during your interviews.

  • We do have some questions to make sure you know what you’re heading into. Please have your CV ready for upload.

  • The process consists of three interview rounds. The topics are team and culture fit, sales experience interview, and a final talk about a proposal and terms.

  • The first interviews will be held shortly after we have taken a look at your application, probably within a week or so after you hit submit.

  • When we decide to move forward together and we have agreed upon the terms, you can expect a very thorough onboarding process during the first months of your employment.

Special note to Recruiting Agencies and/or recruiters in general: we do not appreciate any phone calls or cold outreaches with potential candidates. Thank you for honoring that. We invite candidates to apply themselves.



Yes, we have a list of responsibilities that will be yours to manage. If you really like to have the entire list, we’d be happy to share them with you. The requirements list you’ll find below, please make sure you check the ones that you think are most relevant for you to get the job done.


  • A successful track record in software/SaaS to Enterprise sales

  • Strong ability to take responsibility for successes, as well as putting lessons learned to practice

  • Ability to take initiative and creative problem-solving skills

  • Exceptional consultative selling skills, which includes an eye for detail

  • Self-motivated with a strong desire to succeed

  • Skilled in the newest growth-hacking and sales tools

  • A strong entrepreneurial mindset

  • Native French, both verbal and written

  • Fluency in English, both verbal and written

  • Living in Paris, willingness to spend time in Amsterdam

  • Preferably living in Amsterdam, NL
  • University-level education

Bonus points

  • Graduate-level education (Masters, PhD)

  • Proficiency in Hubspot Sales Hub, Zoom Info, LinkedIn Sales Navigator would be a BIG plus.