3D Visualization Developer

Job description

Electric Ant Lab (EAL) is seeking a 3D Visualization Developer. You will mainly be responsible for coding of the 3D data visualization, and you will also be involved in the strategy and design of our data analysis and visualization framework. To excel in the job a strong expertise in developing interactive 3D visualization of large-scale scientific simulation data is needed. This is your chance to shape EAL’s strategy and expand upon years of cutting-edge scientific work, which has laid the foundation for our breakthrough R&D digitization tool - RheoCube. 

What's so great about this job

  • You will tackle challenging problems
  • You will collaborate directly with stakeholders
  • You will be part of a team without losing independence
  • Your work is almost immediately relevant for existing clients

What will your job at EAL look like

Our Data Analysis and Visualization team works to develop a user-friendly UI and back-end to enable our clients to analyze and visualize time series of large 3D simulation data produced by running simulations on RheoCube. The data analysis and visualization UI automates most steps, allowing domain experts with no or little technical knowledge to thoroughly inspect simulation results. The back-end handles all the complicated tasks, ranging from complex computations to memory handling. We are seeking a new team member to share the workload as our company and client base continues to grow. Our team's main task is to develop a scientific Python library and browser-based environment that offers analysis and visualization tools for the constantly evolving simulation models developed by our modelling team (for internal and external users). The main challenges we face in the coming year are to handle the growth of simulation data as EAL moves to new HPC resources, and fully integrating the data analysis and visualization tools in RheoCube for a seamless workflow.

This new team member will ideally have some familiarity with scientific simulations and/or the processing thereof, be able to work independently and flexibly, and have experience with Python and scientific visualization.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Improve and extend existing browser-based 3D visualization tools
  • Improve and develop server-client strategies for server-side pre-processing, high-performant client-side visualizations, and minimized communication between these two
  • Develop browser-based VR visualization tools
  • Develop multi-scale visualizations that allow to seamlessly zoom from mesoscopic scales/data down to molecular scales/data
  • Help to shape and implementing our vision of future applications of VR/AR and/or alternative human-machine interaction approaches
  • Support the development of a scientific Python library for our internal users and clients
  • Support the development of a scientific dashboard suitable for non-technical clients from the chemical industry
  • Aiding our in-house scientific consultants as well as external clients with analyzing data and brainstorming for new tools

For you

Our Electric Ant Lab team is talented, diverse, and enjoys the support of a well-defined growth plan. You’ll enjoy working in an inspiring environment with great colleagues and flexible working hours. Having started out as a fast-paced start-up, we’ve moved rapidly into scale-up mode. We have an entrepreneurial mindset and keep our "small company work ethic". Whether working together at the Amsterdam Science Park, or remotely from our homes, we pride ourselves on productivity and a “get work done” attitude. A competitive salary and secondary benefits are all part of a package that makes it attractive to join our tech-company. Please be aware that an EU work permit is mandatory, and we do not offer relocation.

About us. The Electric Ant Lab company and our solution RheoCube

RheoCube is a cloud-based simulation platform for complex fluids. It offers a digital, browser-based alternative to trial-and-error lab experimentation. RheoCube drives results by improving the R&D cycle and significantly speeding up a product’s time-to-market. Chemistry focused R&D scientists in large corporations form a large part of RheoCube’s client base. This breakthrough solution was developed by the team at Electric Ant Lab (EAL), a VC-backed simulation software company located at Amsterdam Science Park. Founded by Dr. Eric Lorenz, EAL is a gathering of interdisciplinary experts from around the world - leaders in the fields of chemistry, computational physics, business, visualizations and web development. The team’s vision is to empower experimental scientists and the companies they work for via simulation techniques and High-Performance Computing. They do so every day by developing a cutting-edge product, which is at the forefront of science.

About the application process

  • During the pandemic the process is completely online
  • The process consists of a screening meeting and three interview rounds and may also involve an action learning session so that we can see how you do with our way of working.

Special note to Recruiting Agencies and/or recruiters in general: we absolutely do not appreciate any phone calls or cold outreaches with potential candidates. Thank you! We invite ‘your’ candidates to apply themselves.



  • EU work permit and willingness to move to The Netherlands
  • MSc in Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science et cetera or equivalent level obtained by experience
  • Development of high-performance 3D rendering algorithms for mesh and volume-based data, preferable resulting in browser-based interactived visualizations
  • Development of high-performance code to handle large, many GB, data sets
  • Programming expertise in a general purpose language (like C++ & JAVA) and willing to learn Python

Nice to haves

  • Visualization tools like WebGL / WebGPU (itself and frameworks based on it such as ipyvolume, K3D), ParaView Glance/Web (or similar)
  • Extending Jupyter Notebook and/or Jupyter Lab
  • Git and collaborative software development
  • Front-end development using JS/HTML/CSS/React
  • Having a vision of how human-machine interaction might look like in the future